Download NBA 2K19 for PC Windows

I know you are a basketball game fan. Maybe, you play the game in real-life as well. Before we begin exploring the meat of this article, let me ask you one question. Who is your favourite Basketball player? Just for a fun. ;). So, coming to the topic, you want to play NBA 2K19 on Windows, don't you?

I know you are aware of the fact that the game hasn't made its way to the PC platform yet. However, you can go on and proceed to the alternative way I am going to suggest.

How to Get NBA 2K19 on a Windows PC? 

I am sure you know it is quite impossible for you to get an unreleased game on your MS Windows machine. Still, we have tried my best to search the entire web for even a small version of the leaked game. But no! It isn't available!

For the same reason, you can play the previous version, which almost makes you feel like you are having NBA 2K19 for PC Windows.


What do you want? Of course, you need a Windows computer! What else you need? Follow the list I have made and make sure you have them all.

  • Windows computer (certainly)
  • An Android Emulator
  • APK File for NBA 2K19
Given the last one isn't available, we are going to provide you with the previous year's. So, are you ready to play the best basketball game on Windows? Here you go!

Procedure to Play NBA 2K19 on PC

Step 1: As you read earlier, you will have to be before your computer. I am quite sure you have it. So, just go on and boot it up.

Step 2: What you need now is an emulator. How can you get an emulator? Well, you can install Bluestacks or Andyroid. They are the two I recommend using.

Step 3: Now that you have the emulator, the next step to playing NBA 2K19 on Windows is the APK file. From the previous section, you can get both of them (APK and Emu).

Step 4: You have to install the emulator now and open the APK file. Most probably, the system will detect the file as an unknown one. You just need to select Open with option and pick Bluestacks from the list.

There you go! You will see the game live in action there.


There you go! I hope you started enjoying NBA 2K19 on Windows computer. In case you need any additional information, you can check the video given above.
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